Nuevo Vallarta Map

The Nuevo Vallarta Map shows an area that is similar to Cancún and other areas of Mexico where resorts were built, no town or village existed there before. Until it was developed, the area was scrub and mangrove swamp, but with a huge beach, now full of resorts, mostly huge and all inclusive. So now it still has very little in urban structure, no town hall, central plaza, sports field, a bit more shopping and restaurants now. Slowly there are now some supermarkets out on the highway, but no Mom & Pop stores. Since the majority of resorts here are All Inclusive, there’s less demand for stores and restaurants.

Good place to lay back on the sand and get a tan, but Puerto Vallarta is a 45min drive away, if you’re lucky. Bucerias to the north is closer, but the bus service only goes south.
There are several Golf Courses and a Marina.
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