North Downtown Map

The North Downtown Map shows the area north of the Rosita Hotel. it is mostly a local business area, with a few hotels, notably the Sheraton, Premier and Buenaventura.
We call this the North Downtown Map, it includes the Colonias of 5 de Diciembre and Lázaro Cárdenas. Also our Municipal Sports Stadium, which has a State of the Art running track, as well as, soccer and baseball fields, a skateboard park, free weight and exercise equipment. There are usually local matches being played on the weekends, very entertaining and cheap, most are free. Check at the office facing the highway.

Apart from the supermarkets Leys and Mega Store, there’s a well known local Municipal Market, known for it’s seafood, in Colonia 5 de Diciembre, next to the cemetery. The Colonia changes to Colonia Centro south at Parque Hidalgo (Hidalgo Park) and to the north is the start of Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Zone.
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